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quote on and is not permitting oil to canada to get to oklahoma so it can get to texas. oo there is no approval to the keystone pipeline. another bit of information you need to know. obama couldn't stop this leg that he's out taking credit for. it was in the works. it was happening. he's simply gloming on to what was happening. he couldn't stop it if he wanted to? he did want to. >> that's rush. later in the show we are going to get rujohn hahnity's take on this.
quote about and the actions that he's taking. >>> tpresident obama made a big gap in oklahoma during our remarks when he said we use 20 percent of the world's oil and only produce 2 percent. we actually produce 11.6 percent which makes us the third largest supplier behind saudi arabia and russia. they described the 2 percent number refers to our proven eligible reserves. >> proven the key word. you need to look behind the mother to get the real story. >> that is a topic people are talking about this morning. rush limbaugh says the president is taking credit for something he has nothing to do with.
no now. >> a second win for rick santorum tonight. cnn projects rick santorum the winner of the oklahoma primary he needed this win, he got this win. rick santorum, the former oppose senator getting his second win of the night. earlier, won tennessee. oklahoma, and important state, 40 delegates at stake. rick santorum the winner. let's show you the votes in oklahoma right now, how we made this projection, based on exit poll results, rick santorum out of the exit poll. now, we have 15% of the official vote in, santorum with 34%, 18,594. 27% for romney, also 27% for gingrich, a close contest for second place in oklahoma right now with 15%, now 16% of the vote in. ron paul coming in third. but rick santorum, we project is the winner, is the winner in oklahoma. earlier, we projected he's the winner in tennessee. ohio is still very very close. we have not been able to make a projection. look how close it is with 20% of the vote in ohio in right now. 38% for santorum. he's almost 2,000 votes ahead of mitt romney with 37%. 88,111 for santorum, 96,159 for romney. 35,332, 15% for gingrich, only 8
>> up next, senator james inhofe , republican from oklahoma and wrecking member of the senate environment and public works committee questioning climate change. senator inhofe discusses his book in response to viewers on the morning program washington journal. this is about 45 minutes. >> and on this friday morning we are pleased to welcome back towe our table senator james inhofe,. republican of oklahoma. the top republican on the environment and public works committee in the senate and author of the new book the greatest hoax of the global wel tag conspiracy to is your future. talk about all that and more. thank you for being here. let's set with oil prices. $110 on the pipeline explosion report denied by the saudis. the president in new hampshire talks about yesterday about whae gas prices and the amount of oii we drill at home does not set the price of gas on its own because oil is bought annd sold on the market. just like last year, causing thi price of world to rise, the ie biggest thing is instability ine >>e middle east. do you agree?: >> guest: >> host: what i
their government. >>> senator james inhofe, republican from oklahoma and ranking member of the senate environment works committee questioning climate change. senator inhofe discusses his book and responds to viewers on the c-span morning program washington journal. it's about 45 we'r >> we are pleased to welcome back to the table senator jim inhofe republican of oklahoma and he said top of the senate in the author of a new book thette author of a new book. we'll talk about all that and more. calld $110 on the explosion of the pipeline report issued yesterday. and sought to explain to people the amount of oil we drill at home doesn't set the price on its own because oil is sold on its is instability in the middle east. you agree with them? >> no. host: what's affecting oil prices? guest: of the millions of people watching this. there's not one who didn't learn in elementary school that thing of supply and demand. and here we are in the united states of america. with the largest recoverible reserves in coal, oil and gas of every -- that we would have 90 years of natural gas just from us
anyway, right now the president is in oklahoma and he's standing in the middle of an oil field talking about the virtues of fossil fuel. the -- it's kind of interesting that he's doing that, that his budgets that he's put forward have been very punitive to that industry. he's made the statement how expensative would be. his agenda is one that has specifically increased the price of gas at the pump and the energy in our homes. and, remember, as president obama himself said that his policies would necessarily skyrocket. those were his words. and that's true and that's what's happened. now the global warming movement has collapsed. i can see why president obama is trying to associate himself with oil and gas development in oklahoma. as cnn, you ought to listen to this, madam chair. cnn wrote a piece about cushing, oklahoma. right at the convergence of our pipelines. it's about 30 miles west of my hometown. it said, quote, the place is booming. there's a shortage of workers around. i mean, we know nationally there's actually a shortage of engineers and oil workers and skilled and u
. it was the clinton-gore tax increase. this would be 10 times that amount for my state of oklahoma and the -- susan, our phones rang off the hook, people calling in. scientists calling in on how they were rejected. for our listeners and viewers, this thing started with the united nations. with this -- fast forward to 1992 is when they had the earth summit. now they are going to have the earth summit, plus 20. that's going to take place in rio, i think. the we spent a lot of time going back and when the scientists started to come in and saying they trashed the science, then of course, i'll always remember. you used of this, remember when and obama and pelosi and hillary clinton and i think john cary and i came over, and right before i left, we were in the eff -- the fact that shed that picture of my 20 kids and grandkids on her wall. so yes, i had to like her. she said can i ask you a question? i said madam director, i have a feeling that as soon as i leave town you will have an endangerment training. and -- it was poetic justice, not after a month or week. it was hours after that that the climate i
to politico, president obama will issue a memo in cushing, oklahoma, telling them to execute, this is important part, section of the keystone pipeline between oklahoma and the gulf coast. >> bob: you do have to build that part of it. maybe you start there. you build north. what he said, this is an energy policy. you keep dumping on this and come up with the companies that fail. a lot of them have not failed. more importantly, if we listen to you. and all you gas guzzling people, we would not have any alternative power. we're going to -- the chinese are going to own us with solar power. >> eric: before we throw it around, obama has all of the above. >> kimberly: what? >> eric: i thought you were talking about. >> greg: i'm excited over the green energy tour. i invited president obama to my own solar facility called my backyard. i am ordering a wind farm. it's hormel chilly. obama has a blind spot size of the ozone layer. it's not working. >> bob: the cities, traffic lights. a lot of things. >> greg: i serve hors d'oeuvres on mine. >> eric: president obama is visiting a solar p
. but there are the southern state, tennessee, oklahoma, georgia, newt gingrich's home state, all of a sudden in play. virginia is on the ballot. but only ron paul and mitt romney vote there. and then have you caucuses in states like north dakota, alaska and north eastern states, massachusetts, vermont, where governor romney is expected to do well. there is something for everyone. caucuses, primaries and lots of delegates and lots of opportunities. >> so a cliff hanger, in my sense on tuesday -- ohio for senator rick santorum and also speaker gingrich in georgeia. >> those are must wins. if rick santorum will win in ohio, he is leading in the polls and that's an opportunity for him to make an argument that he is the candidate who can take on mitt romney and barack obama. he had the opportunity in wisconsin, didn't get it done. ohio is a chance fora i do-over. for speaker gingrich, georgia is a must win. if he can't wane win, there is no rationale. and he has to win and dominate and have a spillover effect in the other southern states and do very well in tennessee and oklahoma to make an argument that you belon
, and oklahoma. fox news can now project that rick santorum will win oklahoma. that western state leaving mitt romney and newt gingrich to battle for second place there. ron paul will finish fourth in oklahoma. based on fox news exit polls and the raw data in. >> megyn: that's a significant win for senator santorum who battled hard in oklahoma. fox news is also projecting that mitt romney as expected will crush all competitors in his home state of massachusetts where he once served as governor. >> bret: in tennessee santorum is leading mitt romney but the race remains too close to call. romney and gingrich are battling for second place in tennessee while ron paul will finish fourth there. this is a very close race in tennessee. this could be one we are watching for a long time and a big big result that we want to watch throughout the night. >> megyn: so to recap tonight's contests so far romney has won three states, virginia, vermont, and now massachusetts. rick santorum has won oklahoma and newt gingrich has won georgia, ohio, tennessee too close to call. >> bret: let's get to our fox news pa
at a time when president obama is in my state of oklahoma touting the virtues of fossil fuel. and that's wonderful. and i don't expect the president is going to say too much about some of the things that have happened here because it's not going to sell too well, although i've been told that his audience is restricted to 150 of his personal friends and the media that has been hand selected. so it will be interesting to see what happens. let me say again, i have a great deal of respect for you and always have and the relationship in large part because you and i have always been straightforward and honest. i understand your job is to carry out the policies of the president. that's what you do. that's your job description. that's not mine. but in some of these areas that we've had disagreement, i always say that you do it with smiles on our faces and do it in a spirit of friendship. and it didn't go unnoticed, madam chairman, to the administrator when i visited with her before the meeting that when i was on the rachel maddow show that i declared my three favorite liberals to be rachel and
from mississippi by empowering the dawes commission to award them indian territory now in oklahoma. opposition of records, landlords who held many choctaws in meonage and indians fear of having anything to do with the federal government hampered these efforts. add to this bureaucratic bungling, shies ter lawyers who defrauded clients and property so severe that those who received allotments often could not afford a rail ticket to go claim their land and the result was failure to rid mississippi of choctaws. peaked by indians refusal to disappear from mississippi, state and federal governments adopted a punitive attitude. choctaw found their schools close, communities dislocated and economic opportunities more circumscribed than they had been. choctaw baxter york told an interview the government said those that failed to go to oklahoma 1893, all right, we're going to take everything away from you, even your happiness. york made this comment nearly three-quarters of a century after the event but his anguish was still palpable. sporadic efforts to dispossess indians made people reluct
the plains a hint of what is likely today. storm chasers spotting several twisters in oklahoma. two touched down overnight in north platte nebraska. to the west mown tears of arizona and new mexico are buried with snow, shutting down major interstates for a time. kids in flagstaff enjo day today. snow day today. the town got two feet of snow over the weekend. in lower elevations, high winds made for dangerous driving, blowing dust across highways bring aing down trees, knocking out power to thousands. winds whipped up the surf up and down the state. >> i've seen it almost as bad. not quite this bad. >> reporter: for the mountains reporter: for the m outside san diego, a foot of fresh snow was a great sight. >> i think it's cool. >> want to make a snow angel? >> no. >> i used to love snow days. they're digging out in the mountains. what about today's severe water threat? >> that's right. jim dickey is that canning the system. >> strong storms from dallas to east oklahoma. up into kansas city missouri. strong storms will fire as in the afternoon and early evening hours. large
to oklahoma and announced he is backtracking a portion of the keystone pipeline that would go from oklahoma to the gulf coast. >> let's be clear. there is nothing that the president can do to lower the price of gasoline. we know that. >> do voters? >> apparently not. >> as bob dole used to say, you know it, i know it, the american people know it. it is the world market driving the price of oil. you have it disruption in the middle east. the president finds himself on the hot seat now. on the pipeline question, that you are getti -- he is getting clobbered. >> i keep hearing from the administration how much oil construction has -- how much oil consumption has gone down and there is drilling everywhere. >> gas prices are not rational a great deal of the time -- >> neither are politicians. >> neither are we -- >> there are factors going on and he does not have control over that. i think he made it clear ithat they would approve it at the administration thought they had a deal with officials in nebraska, and it fell apart -- drinkingike clean water and good water for irrigation purposes. you ca
, oklahoma. not only damaging to the economy are those high gas prices of $3.86 on the nationwide average, but potentially damaging to him as well. you saw him yesterday there in new mexico in front of the oil fields, trying to tell what they consider to be good news, the increase in domestic oil production, before that he was in the nevada at an enormous solar farm out in the desert there, touting his support for alternative energies, in oklahoma, a deep red state where the president wouldn't ordinarily come to talk about this keystone pipeline. now he's trying to expedite the permit process to push it from keystone, oklahoma, and try to get to it refineries, a 500-mile pipeline, the southern half of that keystone pipeline. a lot of controversy here and republicans on capitol hill saying this is not even needed. the president's office does not have to get involved in this, it would have been permitted anyway. but the white house and the president saying, look, the president ask in charge of the executive branch and it certainly will have an impact on expediting pipeline projects. even as
. >> greta: up next, oklahoma, dozens of delegates are at stake. which way are the voters leaning in the sooner state isn't imfer imfer -- the sooner state? the governor of oklahoma comes on next. who is writing a giant check? and which candidate is benefitting the most from the super pac? coming up. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can en take a full-size or above. and still pay th mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do. go national. go like a pro. we want to protect the house. you do, business pro. you do. right. but... home security systems can be really expensive. to save money, we actually just adopted a rescue panther. i think i'm goin-... shhh! we find that we don't need to sleep that much. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. t
three states for the night. >> oklahoma leaving romney and gingrich to battle for second place. as you can see in tennessee santorum beating out gingrich and -- santorum takes it. leighing romney and paul battling for second place. >> now to the candidates and their speeches last night. for that we head to washington, d.c. where we find jennifer davis. >> it certainly was a super tuesday for mitt romney winning 6 contests. he did not deliver a knockout punch. but that is a number of victories for him. he won quite big in his own state of massachusetts also picking up victories in virginia and vermont and squeaking out that very important win in ohio. super tuesday often known for securing a nomination not likely to do that. it did go in a good place in terms of a delegate count. we cannot count out rick santorum. he did particularly well in ohio managing to stay competitive there as well as winning tennessee, oklahoma and north dakota. here's what both men had to say after the votes had been counted. >> on november 6th, we are going to stand united not only having won an election but h
, oklahoma talking about the keystone pipeline and wrapping up at ohio university. all of it focusing on energy. we asked our viewers about it this morning on "washington journal." >> and we're back. for the remainder of today's "washington journal," want to get your take on president obama's energy strategy. yesterday he started out on a four-day tour to tout what he plans to do on gasoline prices and other aspects of his energy strategy. he was in it nevada yesterday at a solar panel company. here's what he had to say. >> but an energy strategy that focuses only on drilling and not on an energy strategy that will free ourselves from our dependence on foreign oil, that's a losing strategy. that's not a strategy i'm going to pursue. america uses 20% of the world's oil, and we've got 2% of the world's oil reserves. think about -- i wasn't a math major, but i just want -- if you're using 20, you've only got 2, that means you've got to bring in the rest from someplace else. why wouldn't we want to start finding alternatives that make us less reliant, less dependent, on what's going on in
we will watch tennessee, oklahoma, massachusetts, get ready for this. another win for mitt romney. look at this. his home state of massachusetts, citizen now projects based on the exit polling information, mitt romney, the former governor of massachusetts, wins in massachusetts. massachusetts, 38 delegates at stake. we also project his win in massachusetts, his home state will be larger than newt gingrich's win in georgia. newt gingrich's home state. we are not yet able to make a projection in oklahoma. we are not yet able to make a projection in tennessee, but we can share with you the exit poll information we have on all three of these states. let's start in oklahoma. first, early exit polls in oklahoma, what people told us as they emerged from the polling booths. in oklahoma, a key state on this evening, these are the exit poll results, look at this. 38% for rick santorum, good news for santorum, 25% for mitt romney, 24% for newt gingrich, 12% in the exit poll for ron paul. let's look at tennessee. these are the exit poll results in tennessee, important numbers, once again, san
>>> it is now 8:00 p.m. in the east, polls are closed in tennessee and oklahoma and in massachusetts. and, no surprise here, but mitt romney is the projected winner of his home state of massachusetts, where he served as governor. mitt romney, the projected winner in massachusetts. in the great state of oklahoma, the race is at this hour too early to call, but nbc news can tell thank you rick santorum has a lead in oklahoma but too early to call there. in tennessee, the race is also too early to call. recapping the press of the state oh oat rest of the states, in ohio, too close to call. in georgia, newt gingrich won the primary in his home state. in virginia, mitt romney won a two-man race over ron paul, mr. gingrich and mr. santorum were not on the ballot in virginia. in vermont, mitt romney is the projected winner of the vermont republican primary. and i should tell you the caucuses are underway in north dakota. we have no characterization from north dakota, we don't expect one for some time. here is where the race stands right now. mitt romney's win in massach
and virginia. three states for mitt romney. two so far for santorum. he takes oklahoma, tennessee. one for newt gingrich in georgia. we're watching two more states, the polls have just closed in idaho and north dakota. so far, we are not able to make a projection in idaho and north dakota, but look at ohio. look how close it is right now. 59% of the vote in, santorum slightly ahead of mitt romney. 38% to 36%. santorum with 254,757. romney, 254,739. santorum just slightly more than 10,000 votes ahead. gingrich and paul significantly behind. but you know, we're going to watch ohio very, very closely. look what is going on in north dakota right now. 73% of the vote in. santorum is ahead in north dakota as well. 39%. ron paul is second with 28%. mitt romney, third. 25%. newt gingrich, 8%. a small number of people participated in the caucuses in north dakota. 75% of the numbers in. santorum ahead in north dakota. i want to focus in on ohio right now. you know, if romney loses the popular vote in ohio, he might still win the delegate count because santorum didn't get on the ballots in some of the con
gave a pro-oil drilling speech in oklahoma and announced he's extraditing a portion of the keystone pipeline project. katie marzullo is here to explain. >> reporter: some feel this morning's announcement means├▒├│ president obama is flip-flopping on his opposition to the pipeline. here's the explanation if you look at this map you can see the existing pipeline travels through canada for a while enters the united states in north dakota and continues on to oklahoma. the proposed extension or shortcut spends less time in canada enters the u.s. through montana then down to oklahoma. the president is still opposed to the er extension. what he has -- green lighted is just this southern section from oklahoma to the gulf coast. in curbing, oklahoma construction on the controversial pipeline extension is expected to begin this spring. the president says the region is producing plenty of oil but there are bottlenecks preventing the oil from getting to state-of-the-art refineries in the gulf coast. president today i'm directing my administration to cut through the red tape, breakthrough the b
. but it could be a possibility for an off year like 2013 or 2015. personhood in oklahoma. oklahoma is a little bit eye of the personhood storm right now. i'm sure you've all seen the revamping of the personhood bill in their legislature. this did pass the senate overwhelmingly. i think only four people voted against it. and this was during the time of the virginia ultrasound. so it quietly went away, because there was a lot of outrage. and i don't think people in oklahoma wanted that outrage on them too. it's kind of come back. but not only is legislation on march 1st, personhood oklahoma filed a ballot initiative. again, it's personhood classic language, life begins at conception. and they said they will file three. so we're unsure what that looks like yet. we're unsure if this is another nevada situation where they wait until there is a challenge, withdraw, use that challenge to strengthen their language and try again. but they do have a kind of high threshold for oklahoma for signatures to gather. and a fun fact. rick santorum signed the personhood oklahoma initiative in tulsa a couple week
luncheon, a chicken and green peas luncheon in oklahoma city in 1961. it begins on a snowy january afternoon a few days after john kennedy had been sworn in as president. geri cobb sat down next to james webb for a chamber of commerce lunch then oklahoma city, honoring the state's leaders in the aerospace center. one could not tell by look at her quiet demeanor, but cobb was sitting on secrets. after a chance meeting with dr. lovelace and general flickinger just months after the first press conference introducing the mercury 7 astronauts, cobb became a test subject at the lovelace foundation. lovelace and flickinger had found their exceptional female pilot. when lovelace later revealed the astonishing results of cobb's test scores at a scientific conference in stockholm, reporters began calling cobb's parents in the middle of the night, trying to track down the taciturn the young woman the media instantly dubbed america's first woman astronaut. the past year had been a whirlwind for cobb and now she held another confidence. dr. lovelace had just begun to test 12 more women pilots a
estimate rick santorum is leading in oklahoma and he has a small lead as well in tennessee. and in the most closely watched race tonight, romney and santorum are locked in a very close race in ohio. we have a team of campaign 2012 correspondents covering super tuesday. first we'll go to jan crawford with the romney campaign in boston. jan? >> reporter: well, scott, after spending most of the past week battling it out in that key state of ohio, romney arrived here this afternoon in his home state of massachusetts and he sounded optimistic when he talked to reporters about his expectations for tonight. >> i'm hoping for a good win here in massachusetts and what happens elsewhere i don't know. but i think we'll pick up a lot of delegates and this is a process of gathering enough delegates to become the nominee and i think we're on the track to have that happen. >> reporter: romney voted in his home state of massachusetts late today and is striking a confident tone. he's expected to win at least three states and he's closed the gap in ohio with a strategy that focuses on the personal and the pr
numbers are coming in, we'll have an update including the battle in oklahoma and tennessee. >>> a lot is at stake and the republican candidates for president spent super tuesday looking for last minute votes. in some cases casting their own votes. mitt romney and his wife arrived home in massachusetts after campaigning in ohio. they headed straight to their hometown of bedford to cast their votes. reporters asked romney about president obama's approach to iran and iran's potential to build nuclear weapons. >> this president has made incredible errors. >> reporter: mitt romney says he will watch election returns tonight with his family and supporters in boston. >>> republican rival rick santorum is waiting for his results in ohio tonight. we have a live picture of what's happening at his campaign in ohio. the former pennsylvania senator is hosting an election night party at a local high school. now earlier today, santorum spoke to the american israel public affairs committee in washington. he blasted president obama for his middle east policy. >> he says he has israel's back, from eve
is in cushing, oklahoma, part of the site of the keystone pipeline. he said we are drilling everywhere and pounded by the congressman i talked to yesterday. i promised we would lock at it and we are. look at a map of the united states. a wonderful country. you should stay here. these are the areas where we are drilling. that is where we are drilling. now look at this. the areas in red are places where we could be drilling. where we have the rights to be drilling because this is our land. our area. but we're not. so when the president says his administration is opening up millions of acres for oil and gas exploration, much of it private, you might want to thank not this president but prior presidents because under this president, drilling permits, the stuff you need to get approved to drill in the first place, they are down 36 percent. i want to echo that again, drilling permits are down 36 percent. and for the numbers the president is using to describe the amount of oil america actually has, those numbers are up for substantial dispute. and now, over to washington, dc with much more. >
gingrich out of the race. >> santorum is making a play for kansas after a triple win in oklahoma, tennessee and oklahoma. >> how do you think we did last night? >> i feel good about last night. >> ron paul seems to feel good even though he did not get a single win. he plans to campaign in kansas later this week. >> a school workshop today focused on the topic of bullying. we'll have more on that message, next. >> we will see how long these mild temperatures will hang with us. 64 degrees at the airport. 64 degrees at the airport. >> a student assembly on bullying deals with the topic of how case students might be affected by the practice. >> the group invited a contestant's who performed the election and talked about the importance of speaking up about bullying. >> i think this is so important and i remind these kids how lucky they are to be in this school, that they can talk openly about these subjects and not feel ashamed to have a supportive counselors to help them. i am driving at home with them. >> >> the warmest day since they first day of february. it's been a mild winter but even as
's moving through biloxi and around mississippi and mobile, alabama. scattered showers from oklahoma city off back up to kansas city into st. louis. as far as the heavy rains go, you can see the thunderstorms trying to come on shore. definitely some downpours on and off today. maybe 2-3 inches total. >>> as far as the forecast goes, hopefully we'll get some sunshine today. and if it does, it will be very, very warm. and, also, we're finally warming it up in many areas of the west. now, here's a look at the weather outside your world. >> new york city today, yesterday was cloudy most of the day. only saw a high of around 70. if that sun comes out, we could get in the mid to upper 70s. it's still pretty mild. and that rain that's in the middle of the country is slowly going to be there for the weekend. >> oh, no, say it isn't so. >> we've been spoiled. >> next news, a strange new business with blue suede shoes. >>> plus, it is one thing to be a top businessman. but does it pay to be mean in showb showbizness? >> coming up, a birthday wish comes true, an unprecedented suspension by the nfl a
with the federal government. congressman tom cole of oklahoma, a member of the nation respond to the speech the we also hear remarks from the senate indian affairs committee chairman and vice chairman. this is 1:20. >> good morning, my name is jacqueline peta, and i would look to welcome you here to our state of indian nation ease vent. ncai is the largest, the oldest, and organization in washington, d.c. representing the tribal governments across the country. i would look to welcome our distinguished guests to washington, d.c. we have many folks listening to us across the country. to watch the state of 2012 state -- state of indian nations address. across the country we have students, tribal citizens, and leaders, and have gathered in the schools, and sent tircenter watch together. among many events across the country we are pleased mr. star's history class in santa fe, new mexico is joining us. we have university of oklahoma, college of law, center for native american youth in washington, d.c., the tribal office and the indian tribe of wisconsin, leaders of tomorrow, and today's event, that are
in oklahoma. >> 4 clarke 39. cleanup is occurring in parts of oklahoma. >> one of the twisters was caught on tape. take a look. it looks like that tape is darling. the tornado did damage power lines. nobody was hurt. spring did mark the beginning of spring tornadoes in oklahoma. >> in california, winter marches on for skiers and still borders. salt lake tahoe is still rolling out several inches of snow over the weekend. for those who waited, they get a little bit of reward. >> 4:30 is the time now. we want to get a look at the traffic and weather. >> some sprinkles early this morning west of the metro area, especially in west virginia. that will for the most part stay out of our viewing area. this moves into the shenandoah valley. right along the blueridge in western loudoun county and stretching down to catlett. just early this morning. a few thundershowers are possible. 57 in the district. another very warm start today. highs today in the low to mid 70's. we are getting into a weather pattern for the majority of this work week that will be like yesterday. midday will be gray and cloudy
nominee. >> his wife says it is a distraction. >> president obama in oklahoma today fast track the plans to build an oil pipeline from oklahoma to the gulf coast. he spoke less than an hour ago in oklahoma where he is ordering federal agencies to expedite the 500 mile pipeline. it would remove or critical bottlenecks in oil transportation. this comes after the president was criticized for rejecting the larger keystone xl pipeline project earlier this year. another jump for gas prices overnight. no sign of stopping. except for one thing. the national average for gas $3.88 a gallon, up from yesterday. maryland and virginia averages also moved up, but the district prices slipped 2 cents. people in oregon may not believe its officially spring. university of oregon students spends wednesday having a snowball fight on the football field. got more than 6 inches of snow in part of the state and the university had to shut down because of power outages and the downed trees. a very small snowball fight. >> good use of the stadium. >> there is usually where you get a best snowball fights, in the sta
west. big storm spinning in oklahoma. a lot of rain coming up through mississippi, alabama, western tennessee. that storm system heads our way and looks like it could give us a decent amount of rain, maybe one, two, three inches over the weekend around here both saturday and sunday. that's why i say this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon check out the blossoms. today by 3:00 low 70s. mid-70s here for the high. some areas south and southwest where the sun comes out a little earlier, you're going to see highs between 75 and 80. i'll be back in a few minutes. we'll have the whole weekend outlook of course with the seven-day forecast as well. back to you. >> thank you, howard. >>> well, university boulevard in the four corners area of silver spring is open after power lines fell on to the street. authorities are not exactly sure what caused those wires to fall. the down lines however shut down university boulevard in both directions near the beltway. officers were called in to help with traffic during the morning commute, but the wires have now been fixed. >>> we're growing to turn our a
%, paul 7%. let's take a look at two other states that are just coming in now. tennessee and oklahoma. rick santorum is looking good right now in tennessee. in fact, rick santorum is just won tennessee with 44% of the vote to mitt romney's 28%. in oklahoma, with 40 delegates on the line, santorum is ahead with 36%, romney has 29%. paul has 9%, gingrich has 25%. so again the real battle no surprise is in ohio. if you're a political junkie, this is getting very interesting. we'll update this at 6:15. >>> and our election coverage also continues online at we will have updated super tuesday results for you throughout the night on our politics page. >>> israeli president peres met with the most powerful corporations today. >> technologists in israel are extremely well trained, they're trained by their military and intelligence communities. and they are very aggressive with their technology and they're risk takers because of the enviral they live in. >> reporter: the israel -- environment they live in. >> reporter: the israeli president will give be attending a temple. security i
there over mitt romney. in tennessee romney thoughts he would do well. also in oklahoma 38% over romney. third and fourth going to gingrich and paul in that or the. in north dakota another win for santorum over ron paul in second place. mitt romney in third. newt gingrich in fourth in north dakota. in georgia a big win for newt gingrich who needed to win in his home state. third and fourth in georgia going to santorum and paul gingrich needed that one. in idaho 16% reported mitt romney 78% over ron paul 11%. smaller numbers in idaho for santorum and newt gingrich. the idaho caucuses there. newt gingrich needed to call himself a winner tonight. ron paul continued to accumulate delegates which is what he said he wanted to do. after all the voting starts, the spinning begins. everybody accentuating the positive. romney wanted enough big wins to be the unchallenged front runner. he won enough to be considered front runner, lost enough to be unchallenged. >> i'm not going to let you down. i'm going to get this nomination. [ cheers and applause ] >> tonight we're doing some counting. we're co
the pipeline and blues. he went out to oklahoma and announced he is fast tracking a portion of the keystone pipeline that will run to the gulf coast. unfortunately, colby, the oil is up north. >> yes, it is, it is in canada. .et's be clear there is nothing the country can do to lower the price of gas. >> do voters know? >> apparently not. >> as bob dole used to say, you know what, i know it, the american people you know it. you have china as a consumer, disruption anin the middle east. the president is in the hot seat. on the pipeline question, he is getting clobbered. not much to be had. >> i keep hearing how much oil consumption has gone down and how the drilling has increased, drilling everywhere. >> gas prices are not rational -- >> neither our politicians. >> neither are we -- >> he got hemmed in by republicans on the keystone pipeline. i thought he made it clear that he would approve it, and the administration thought they had a deal with officials in nebraska that fell apart -- >> clean drinking water, good water for irrigation purposes -- you cannot fault him for that. that is bipar
. the president mingles with servicemen and women after air force one touched down in oklahoma today. he's going to announce a plan to speed up development of a portion of the controversial keystone pipeline, the part stretching from oklahoma to texas refineries. >>> a body believed to be that of a missing montana teacher has been found in north dakota. police say that sherry arnold was snatched off the street at random during a morning jog more than two months ago. one of the suspects charged in the case admits they kidnapped arnold and choked her to death. >>> and homicide and other formal charges are expected to be filed today against army sergeant robert bales. he is accused of leaving his base in afghanistan and killing 16 afghan civilians. many of them children. bales is in custody at ft. leavenworth, texas. >>> we want you to look at this video. an apache helicopter swoops in and bounces off a snow-covered landing zone. and it kept spinning into the distance, completely out of control. just flipping, flipping. luckily, no one on the ground was hurt. and the two-man flight crew amazingly s
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